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There are actually several types of canoeing techniques and styles. The canoe was first employed by the Native Americans who used them for basic means of transportation. The term "Canoe" originated from the word "Kenu" which simply meant dugout - because of the way they were made.

Nowadays, canoeing is often practiced as a sport, for competitions, and marathons. Canoeing also makes for a great recreational activity, which can also be combined with camping, fishing and sight-seeing. To be more specific, here are some of the various and most common canoeing activities:

Canoeing Sports:

  • Sprint - One of the oldest disciplines known to the International Canoe Federation (ICF) and is sometimes referred to as "Flat-water Racing". It involved both the canoe and kayak are used for Sprint Canoeing and the races range from distances of 200m, 500m and 1000m. There are also "long distance races" which can go for up to 6km.
  • Marathon - A typical canoe marathon can go from 2 miles up to 125 miles. However, you may be surprised to know that the longest canoe marathon has been known to go for 260 miles!
  • Whitewater Racing - Also known as "Wild-Water Racing" is done with specially designed kayaks and canoes which are particularly made to handle rough waters.

Recreational Canoeing:

  • Small Craft Sailing - This type of canoeing was developed more recently by kayak and canoe enthusiasts who implemented sails like "Wind-Paddles" in order to improve the paddling experience and provide extra speed. This technique has become especially popular with recreational canoeists, sea kayakers, expedition paddlers and adventure racers.
  • Whitewater Canoeing - Whitewater canoeing is not for everyone, but can be a lot of fun. These types of canoeing trips vary depending on your preference. Some may chose more extreme canoeing on fast flowing rivers while others would rather float steadily down a scenic and quiet water way.
  • Sea Canoeing/Sea Kayaking - Like whitewater canoeing is an opportunity to venture out on open waters, paddle heavy seas, battle tidal currents. Sea canoeing is not for the light heated or meek, because it requires experience and navigational skills.


  • Dragon Boat Canoeing - Since the 1970s, this Chinese style of canoe racing has become more popular. It is based on the traditional styles of canoe boats and racing which requires 18 to 20 paddlers per boat. Other team players include the drummer, helmsman and sometimes a flag catcher.
  • Outrigger Canoeing - This is a canoeing style most practiced in Hawaii, Tahiti and other Pacific nations such as Australia and New Zealand. In this case, 6 person canoes or even 1 and 2 person canoes are used to race both short and long distances.
  • Play-boating - Otherwise known as a "Rodeo", this form of canoeing or kayaking is probably one of the most entertaining for observers. Here the competitor performs tricks and stunts such as front and back surfing, spins, cartwheels etc. Points are awarded for technique, style and variety of successful variations.
  • Canoe Polo - Is a goal-scoring oriented sport which requires ball and a team of 5 players. This canoe game or sport on water is known to be fast and competitive

For anyone planing an up-coming canoe trip or if your simply interested in learning more about the sport; there are plently of useful Canoe Trips FAQs and Resources which can help you to learn some Conoeing Basics.


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