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Canoe Trips FAQs

1. What factors should I consider before buying a canoe?

A. There are some important things to consider before buying a canoe. The location where you would be making canoeing trip makes a huge impact on the type of canoe required. Whether you canoeing trips will be in white waters or small lakes is an important thing to consider. Who will be paddling the canoe with you or are you solo. If you have a partner you will require a tandem canoe. Length of the canoe depends on the activities you plan to do while canoeing. If you are planning the canoeing trip for longer distances you will require some space to carry accessories and luggage for which a longer canoe is required. When you decide upon a canoe design sure you can lift it all by yourself which you will have to do later while canoeing trips. Buying a lighter canoe is the right option if you cannot manage the heavier ones.

2. Is a canoe too costly? Is there a possibility of renting a canoe?

A. Money is a crucial factor when you are planning on buying a canoe. If you are a beginner learn the sport on a used canoe initially. Once you master the sport you can buy a canoe for yourself depending upon your requirements. Find out if someone is planning to sell or rent his good used canoe for canoe tours. As and how you practice the sport of canoeing, you will realize what you really like in a canoe and this is the best time for you to buy your type of canoe.

3. Do we require a rudder for canoeing?

A. Rudders are absolutely not needed for canoeing trips. Infact they could be tiresome over a long distance canoe tours. A canoe can be managed completely with a paddle to steer.

4. What is the right dressing for canoe trips?

A. Dressing for a canoe tours should be one that is water proof. Wear layers of clothing which can be added or taken off during the day. Remember to carry extra pair of clothes in case you become completely wet.

5. What are the accessories that I should carry along while canoeing?

A. There are a few things a must for you to carry on a canoeing trip. A pair of extra clothes, sunglasses, closed footwear or sports shoes, a container for drinking water, sun cap for sunny weather, rain coat(if required), medications, first aid kit, some snacks to munch on in between the canoe tour, wear waterproof watch and a sunscreen to beat the heat. Also take along a whistle that could be used as a alarm tool when in trouble.

6. Why is a canoe preferred when we can buy cheap sail boats?

A. Canoes are portable and can be paddled single-handedly in shallow waters. It also makes the travel adventurous and interesting unlike a sail boat which becomes unexciting for long distance travel. Transporting a canoe is also not a measure issue as it can be easily lifted and placed on a car's roof to take any number of places you please.


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