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Canoe Trips Resources

We at have compiled a set of resources for canoe trips for you. Some of the best internet resources for canoeing are as below:

1. Small Boats Should Have Certain Equipment On Board For Proper Safety Precautions

Relaxing in your canoe on a beautiful calm lake, fishing for the perfect fish is a very enjoyable and peaceful pastime that is enjoyed by many. Or maybe taking your kayak down a white water river braving class four rapids is more your style? Inflatable boats or Zodiacs are a lot of fun cruising in the ocean, slamming through the surf as well!
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2. Canoe Course Outlines

Canoe Course Outlines and Prerequisites. Courses are run by Organizational Members. Contact an Organizational member for course locations and times.
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3. Canoeing & Kayaking Clubs

Here are some links to canoeing, kayaking, & rafting clubs around the U.S. & around the world. U.S. canoeing and kayaking clubs are listed first by state. International clubs follow, indexed by country. At the tail end we now have Internet based clubs.
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4. The Sport - Canoeing and Kayaking

Get to know all the words used to describe canoeing and kayaking. Know the sport better!
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5. Canoe Building

Canoes were made by felling large trees, letting them sit for three months or so until they were dry, and the burning the insides out of them. This process of making canoe, also known as kayak had to be carefully watched. Earliest people used dugout canoes. Native men would make a canoe from one tree using no metal edged tools. After felling a great tree, they hollowed it by putting rosin on one side and setting fire to it. The tree was burned in small sections and the resulting coal scraped out with shells. A large canoe could glide quietly along with twenty men.
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6. Canoe and Kayak Resources in Arkansas

An extensive canoeing and kayaking directory providing detailed links about activities regarding canoeing across Arkansas. List of resources, article on canoeing and manufacturers are given at this link.
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7. Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association

The Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association (CRCA) was conceived in 1971 as a result of the perceived need that recreational paddling enthusiasts from across Canada required a national body to co-ordinate the efforts of those involved in non-competitive canoeing and kayaking.
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8. American Canoe Association

America's Premier Canoeing, Kayaking & Rafting Organization Since 1880.
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9. Canoe Camping - USA

Descriptions of Over 40 Extended Float canoe Trips. Start here to plan your canoeing or kayaking vacation . . . The top 40 rivers for canoe camping excursions in the U.S. Descriptions, pictures, and info links.
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10. California Canoe and Kayak Club

Directory with detailed information on Canoeing across California, right from manufacturers to the Tide and current information for you to plan your canoe trips.
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